Raw Materials Trading Division

Excellence through innovation

Rho Industries' strategy is to generate added

value to the chain between producers and

end-users of commodity and specialized

chemical and plastics products.

What makes us different

Our company does not compromise on Service, Quality, Reliability and Flexibility. We believe in building long term partnerships with our customers. We capitalize on the inflexibility and lack of service offered by larger companies and rise to the challenge of going the extra mile to provide exceptional service.                                       

Today Rho Industries has evolved from a trading company into a diversified manufacturing and distribution company and it’s Trading Division  is focused in sourcing materials worldwide for sales in America and Europe.

Have a look through our superior products

Major Lines

SIS Resins

Hydrocarbon Resins

Aluminum Tri Hydrate


Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors


Polymer Resins

Industry Segments Services

Adhesive (Hot Melt)


Plastic Processors



Trading Division Mission:

To be a leading regional trader and market intelligence source in specialty chemicals and plastics, making us the optimal value creator for our business partners, shareholders and employees.