Rho Industries offers a full line of additives designed to increase productivity, reduce costs, eliminate cosmetic Problems, etc. in the injection molding, extrusion blow molding, film and sheet extrusion and roto-molding Industries

Product Line

 Cleaning Agents (Purging Compounds)

 Stabilizers

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 Process Enhancers

 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)

 Anti Microbials

 Oxo Biodegradable Compounds

 Compatibilizers


Our line of cleaning agents replaces the old fashioned purging compounds with a new generation of cutting edge technology cleaning agents designed to reduce cleaning time and costs and at the same time perform a much better cleaning.

 FC- 1050 (Injection Molding)

 FC-1100 (Film / Sheet Extrusion)

 FC-1160 (High performance)

 FC-1200 (Extrusion Blow Molding)

 SC-4400 (Hot runner molds)

 SC-4450 (For clear resins)



Our Process enhancers are pellet form concentrates, typically used at 0.75 to 1% letdown, designed to increase productivity, eliminate cosmetic problems and warpage and reduce energy costs without any adverse effects on mechanical characteristics.

 PA-3410 (For Film Extrusion)

 PA-3900 (For Recycling)

 PA-3200 (For Polycarbonate injection or extrusion blow molding)

 PA-3300 (For PVC film / sheet as well as injection and extrusion blow molding)

 PA-3410 (For polyolefins in injection or extrusion blow molding)



Designed to protect resins from degradation during processing. These products can help the processor reduce cleaning problems, eliminate cosmetic problems, reduce start up times.

 SC-4000 (For continuous cleaning)

 SC-4100 (For PVC)

 SC-4400 (Shut Down Compound)

 SC-4450 (For clear resins)



 PA-3110 Process Aid.

 DS-100 High concentration slip additive

 AB-5500 Anti Block

 AB-5540 High clarity Anti block

 SC-4400 Shut Down compound

 FC-1100 Cleaning Syems (Purging Compound)

 D-14000 Degradability additive

 RHO-720 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor



 AB -5050

All natural, all Organic, Wide Spectrum Biocide. Anti-Bacterial/ Anti- Fungus / Anti-Algae specifically designed for rotomoulding (powder or pellet forms available). Low cost prevention from contamination over extended periods of time.



 RHO-720

Available as concentrate in pellet form in a variety of colors and also in film form or in bags of various sizes.