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Rho Industries was founded in 1989 and has emerged as a leading supplier of Organic Pigments in Latin America and a growing participant in other markets. Rho Industries works with two production units at Ahmedabad, India and, Ningbo China both of which are equipped with state of the art production equipment and testing laboratories that ensure a constant level of high quality in our pigments.

We use most modern and state of the art quality control equipment which include automatic muller, vibroshaker, auto film applicator, matching system, UV/visual spectro photometer. Besides, our lab is equipped with wide range of conventional equipment for testing fastness properties, dispersion of pigments and solubility of all dyes. Our pigments are primarily used in the plastic industry, for the production of color concentrates,  in the Ink industry for water and solvent based inks and in the  Paint and coating industry.

Our main products are Phtalocyanine Green 7, Phtalocyanine Blue (15:0, 15:1, 15:3 and 15:4) , Phthalocyanine Violet 23, Yellow 12, Yellow 13, Yellow 14, Yellow 83, Red 48:2, Red 57:1, and Pearlescent pigments.

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